We offer horse training for $250.00 per month (in addition to full board). PK will work with your horse using natural horsemanship methods. These exercises gently build a foundation of understanding between horse and human; PK will explain what your horse is learning and why, so you can take part in your horse’s training as well. Once your horse has mastered the basics, she is happy to help you and your horse work towards your goals together through further training and lessons for you and your horse.  

We strongly encourage you to consider purchasing a home study course from Reis Ranch, Parelli, or other reputable horseman–we can offer recommendations, as well as lesson packages. A horse can only be as well-trained as the person handling it, so human education is just as important as horse education. We also recommend at least two months of training, so you can get the maximum yield out of your horse’s time spent in training.  

Training is also a nice supplement to your horse’s fitness goals, especially if you cannot make it to the barn as often as you would like.

Success Stories


Sylvan is PK’s personal horse; he is a rescued 16.2hh Trakehner gelding that had been neglected.  Once he had been nursed back to health, he quickly became a problem child: knocking people over, running away with people, and generally using his size to get what he wanted.  PK brought Sylvan to Dennis Reis for help and together they have made Sylvan one of the most remarkable and well-behaved horses that you could hope to meet.  It took years of hard work and dedication, but Sylvan is now healthy and highly trained.

Sylvan’s Photos


Vegas is another one of our rescue horses; we brought him home in March 2010.  Like Sylvan, he had been neglected, was very skinny, and badly needed hoof care.  After a lot of work to get Vegas in shape and trained, he has a new family and loves being doted on.

Vegas’s Photos

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