Trail Challenge

trail_challenge2016The 2016 Trail Challenge and Costume Contest is in the bag! The event, held October 29th was co-sponsored with the Women of the Horse group, but of course men, women, and children all participated. We had twelve fun and ‘scary’ obstacles.

Here are the events placings:

Costume Contest: 1st Mary Grace Thompson/ Sahara, 2nd Alayna Prather/Star, 3rd Amelia Phelps/Lucky, 4th Jodi/Classy, 5th  Jessi/Delilah

In-Hand: 1st Lana Estes/Stormy, 2nd John Douglas/Miss B, 3rd Lana Estes/Blaze, 4th Nadene Prather/Peace, 5th Mary Grace Thompson/Sahara

Youth: 1st Lana Estes/Blaze, 2nd Grace Ann Bates/Freckles, 3rd Grace Ann Bates/Penny

Adult: 1st Jeff Kuntz/Sugar, 2nd Josh Bishop/Hank, 3rd Beverly Estes/Blaze, 4th Mary Grace Thompson/Sahara, 5th Nadene Prather/Peace

WOTH/Hillside In-Hand: 1st Jamie Woody/Jake, 2nd PK Theobald/Sylvan, 3rd Emily Fulmer/Frito, 4th Grace Looney/Cracker Jack, 5th Kristen Lotz/Beau

WOTH/Hillside Youth: 1st Jodie Peeples/Classy

WOTH/Hillside Adult: 1st PK Theobald/Sylvan, 2nd Lisa Sikkink/Valentine, 3rd Julie Newcome/Delilah, 4th Emily Fulmer/Frito

Open: 1st PK Theobald/Sylvan, 2nd Mary Grace Thompson/Sahara, 3rd Nadene Prather/Peace, 4th Carla Thompson/Sahara, 5th Alayna Prather/Peace

Next Year’s event is already in the planning process and is set for Saturday, October 28, 2017.

Here are some of the photos from past years’ events.  We welcome any other pictures that you would like to share with us!