Our People

Ladies' Trail RideCommunity

Everyone at Hillside Stables is devoted to creating a community that values good horsemanship, kindness towards humans and animals, and having fun with horses. To this end, we often participate in horse events ranging from horse camping and trail riding at state parks, day trip trail rides to Shelby Farms in Memphis, TN, going to local shows, having weekly evening rides (and sometimes potluck dinners!), attending clinics and trail challenges. We want our boarders, students, and clients to participate in “barn life” and have a good time with their horses.

Sylvan has become the mascot for Hillside Stables and because of everything that we have learned from him, we are now able to help many more horses with a wide range of "problems."

PK Theobald

PK is a passionate life-long horsewoman who specializes in Natural Horsemanship and has worked with several of the most influential trainers; she is endorsed through Fourth-Level Dennis Reis Natural Horsemanship and continues her training with him. She has experience training and showing in both Western and English. She brings her passion for horse psychology to all of her equine activities. She is also the barn manager, trainer, and is responsible for keeping things running. PK is also part of a FEMA-certified Disaster Animal Response Team–so the horses are in good hands in case of emergency.

Bill on Mocha BarebackBill Theobald

Bill is a fun-loving horseman who does most of the daily work around the barn. His experience is largely with halter horses, breeding, and Western showmanship. Bill’s sense of humor and efficient work ethic keep the horses fed, the barn cleaned, and everyone smiling. He is also responsible for general barn and property maintenance, as well as keeping a phenomenal vegetable garden.

Lisa on Valentine at the Trail ChallengeLisa Sikkink

Lisa is a life-long horsewoman who started out as a hunter/jumper rider before discovering dressage in college. She also enjoys cross-country riding and trail riding. Lisa has experience with training green horses, rehabilitating “problem” horses, and studies equine/rider biomechanics, equine massage and stretching, and saddle fit. She is passionate about helping horses and their riders understand each other. She has worked with trainers in several parts of the country and loves to learn about different theories and philosophies of horsemanship. Lisa primarily gives riding lessons, trains school horses, and retrains rescue horses.