Lesson Horses

Hillside Stables keeps a variety of school horses that are used in lessons and available for lease.  All of our horses have very distinct personalities, love getting groomed and fed treats, and enjoy teaching their riders how a horse should be ridden.  Many of our horses are long-time fixtures of Hillside and we love them dearly.  We believe that horses should not have to be lesson horses forever and have listed some of them as available for sale or lease so they could have a person or family of their own.  Please inquire after your favorite horse if they are not shown here or on our Sale/Lease page–they might not be listed yet!


  • Breed: Quarter Horse
  • Age: 1998 foal
  • Sex: Gelding
  • Height: 16hh
  • Description:  Jazz is rescue horse and to show his thanks, he the sweetest, kindest, most willing horse you could hope to meet; he adores people and is forgiving of beginners’ mistakes but is rewarding for advanced riders as well.  He is patient, obedient, and very easy to ride.  Most of his training is in western pleasure, but has dressage and jumping training as well, and is currently used in English riding lessons.  He does great in the arena and likes trail rides with his buddies.  He can be ridden in a halter or a bridle.  He loads, ties, clips, bathes, stands for the farrier and vet.  He is a very sweet gelding who has been a wonderful lesson horse for us for many years and we would love for his to have a person or family of his own.  Call PK Theobald at 901/857-7500 today.
  • For sale ($2000.00) or lease

Photos of Jazz


  • Breed: Pony of the Americas
  • Age: 1998 foal
  • Sex: Gelding
  • Height: 12hh
  • Description: Toby is one of our long-time school horses; he is super sweet, smart, and loves treats.  Don’t let his size fool you, he has a lot of skill and talent!  Toby has excellent ground school skills, beautiful gaits (he rides like a horse, not a pony), and is a great jumper and trail horse.  He is also quite skilled at lateral maneuvers; he can leg-yield, shoulder-fore, shoulder-in, haunches-in, haunches-out, turn on the forehand, and turn on the haunches.  He has competed in several trail challenge events in the area and always receives near-perfect scores–nothing fazes him and he loves a challenge!  Toby also has a lot of experience being ridden bareback.  If you want to do it, Toby is game!  He is good at anything we ask him to do and is confident doing it.  He can be ridden by competent children and small adults.  He is a barn favorite but deserves a home of his own after being a school horse for most of his life.  He loads, ties, clips, bathes, stands for the farrier and vet.  Toby has been a wonderful school horse for many years and would love a person or family of his own!  Call PK Theobald at 901/857-7500 today.
  • Video of Toby is available on YouTube
  • Video of Toby free jumping is also available on YouTube
  • For sale ($1200.00) or lease

Photos of Toby


  • Breed: Pinto Quarter Horse
  • Age: 1997 foal
  • Sex: Mare
  • Height: 15hh
  • Description: Valentine is privately owned by Lisa, our dressage trainer, but she is still used in lessons.  This pretty girl has been at Hillside for the better part of her life and has taught many students exactly what does and does not count as good riding.  Valentine is a well-trained, third-level dressage horse and a great trail horse; she also has western pleasure training and is fun to ride bareback.  Because she is a herd-boss mare, she requires a lot leadership from her rider, but earning Valentine’s respect is worth the effort.  

Photos of Valentine


  • Breed: Pinto Quarter Horse
  • Age: 1996 foal
  • Sex: Gelding
  • Height: 14.2hh
  • Description: Mocha is privately owned, but his family is kind enough to let him be a school horse.  Mocha has so much to teach his riders because he will try every trick in the book, but he is also very generous with youngsters and beginners.  He is an AMAZING jumper–check out this video to see for yourself.  He is trained in western, jumping, and dressage; he is another brilliant trail horse–nothing fazes him.

Photos of Mocha


  • Breed: Quarter Horse (Sire: Ima Cool Reactor; Dam: Bo Decks Marie)
  • Age: 2003 foal
  • Sex: Mare
  • Height: 15.3hh
  • Description: Giggles is a big, beautiful chestnut mare that was bred, born, and raised at Hillside Stables.  She has training in ground school, western riding, dressage, and cavaletti, as well as experience showing as a halter horse.  She has a lot of athletic potential and great gaits. She’s also smart and quickly learns anything that you ask her to do–nothing fazes her.  She is very good on trail rides.  She would make a great horse for someone who likes to do a little of everything: she is smart enough and confident enough to do anything and she also loves variety in her work. She loads, ties, clips, bathes, stands for the farrier and vet. She is a very sweet mare who adores people and will follow you all over the arena or pasture. Call PK Theobald at 901/857-7500 today.
  • For sale ($2200.00) or lease

Photos of Giggles