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About Hillside Stables

We board peaceful horses in a quiet atmosphere for people who enjoy their leadership role but do not have the time for day-to-day care. Also, we offer boarding, horse training, people training, and both English and Western riding lessons. We appreciate you taking the time to visit our website

Jake is so handsome!

Usually when I want to take pictures of a horse, he goes to extra trouble to be muddy and to get extra tangles in his mane and tail.  I happened to have my camera handy one evening when Jake was looking particularly handsome–AND CLEAN!–while the sun was at a very nice angle.

Summer Camp Photos

Summer camp was a blast this year!  In case you missed it, the photos are available on our Summer Camp home page.  Here are a few of the best ones.

Summer Camp!

There are two camps available: June 1-5 and June 8-12.  Camps will run Monday-Friday from 9am to 3pm. Ages 6-16 years will receive instruction in English or western riding every day, plus barn activities and crafts.  We have a large covered arena, so camp riding never gets rained out. Campers will also learn ground school with PK Theobald, round pen training techniques, and get to play on the equine obstacle course! For more information, please call PK Theobald at 901/857-7500.


One of the advantages of a smaller horse is that some obstacles are almost too easy!


Summer Camp Registration Available!

That’s right!  You may now register for Summer Camp at Hillside Stables!  It’s easy, just fill out the form on the Summer Camp website!  Did I mention that we offer early bird discounts? Sign up today!


Camps run Monday-Friday from 9am to 3pm, June 1-5, June 8-12, and July 20-24.  Ages 6-16 years will receive instruction in English or western riding every day plus barn activities and crafts.  We have a large covered arena, so camp riding never gets rained out.  Unique to this Summer Camp is the opportunity to learn ground school with PK Theobald plus training in round pen and the equine obstacle course.  We have a fabulous new camp director this year, Kendra Napper, who was previously NY 4-H state champion in Dressage, Western, English and Drill Team.  She brings her knowledge as NY 4-H state qualifier in Hippology, Horsebowl, Horse Judging and Public Speaking.  For more information call 901/857-7500.IMG_0910

Shedding Season!

20150401_163527Shedding season is here!  Now that it has warmed up, come visit your horse and give them a thorough grooming and a warm bath–we have hot and cold running water in the wash rack.  If you don’t have a horse of your own to groom, we have several that could use some extra love and attention while they wait for their forever-families!

Lesson Discounts!

Now that the weather is starting to warm up, it’s time to start lessons or get back into a regular routine.  Did you know that we offer discount lesson packages?  11006401_10152624003287051_1949455912891508737_n

  • Bulk Lesson Discount: Purchase 10 lessons and get one free.  This is a great deal for committed students!
  • Gift Package: Purchase 4 lesson gift certificates and receive a free stuffed horse keychain or other horsey-themed prize. This is a fun deal for the younger riders in your life and makes a great birthday gift or reward for good grades!

Even if the weather surprises us, we have a covered arena for rainy days and a lighted arena for evening lessons!

It might be cold today, but it’s supposed to be nice and warm this weekend!  Come on out to Hillside for a lesson or two.  Come play on the obstacle course–we still have it set up, or just come and give your horse (or one of the school horses) a cuddle.

Valentine and CanMan

Holiday Lesson Schedule and Makeup Lessons

Hi all!  Lisa will be out of town for the holidays from 21 December through 2 January.  She will only miss two Wednesdays and one Saturday, and students are encouraged to schedule make-up lessons before she leaves town, as well as for once she returns.  If you can only come out to the barn on a particular day each week, consider signing up for a double lesson.  Double lessons might take any number of shapes: they could be half ground school, half riding; they could be all ground school, or all riding; they could be with one horse for two hours, or with two different horses; or, they could be two separate lessons on the same day, just an hour to two apart.  Get inJake, Toby, and Sylvan touch with Lisa or PK to ask about make-up lessons or double lessons.

Lesson Schedule

Hi all!  Lisa has a busy October planned and wanted to share all of the dates and times that she’ll be teaching until things return to normal.  She has included a few extra days to make up for the days that she will be out of town, and those days are included here as well–why not try out a Monday afternoon lesson, too?  The online scheduling system already has the following times set up, so feel free to sign up for lessons well in advance for the next few weeks to ensure a time that works with your schedule.

Lisa’s Teaching Schedule
Saturday 27 September — 8am-1pm
Monday 29 September — 3pm-8pm
Saturday 4 October — 8am-1pm
Wednesday 8 October — 3pm-8pm
Saturday 11 October — 8am-11am  ***Note the time change for this Saturday
Monday 13 October — 3pm-8pm
Wednesday 15 October — 3pm-8pm
Saturday 25 October — 8am-1pm

Starting on 25 October, things return to the normal Wednesday afternoon and Saturday morning schedule.  While Lisa is out of town, take a Saturday or Sunday ground school lesson with PK–ground school is a great way to establish your leadership with your horse and can help clarify what you’re learning in your riding lessons.

Near the barn

Monday Lessons

Just so you know, Lisa will be available to teach lessons on Monday, September 29th from 3pm to 8pm.  She will NOT be teaching on Wednesday, October 1st and wanted to open up another day that week for her students.  The 29th is available on the Appointy scheduling system, just like usual, so feel free to sign yourselves up!

Lisa and Valentine

Lisa and Valentine

Photo Session

It was a beautiful week in the Midsouth and we took the opportunity to take some pictures around the barn.

Open Arena and Trail Challenge Practice and Competition

At Hillside Stables we have been busy planning trail challenge obstacles for our Second Annual Trail Challenge Practice and Competition (with Equine Costume Contest)!  We had so much fun planning, hosting, and participating in this event last year and are please to do it again this fall.

The event will be on Sunday 26 October 2014, so mark your calendars!  We will have registration forms and further details posted to the Trail Challenge page soon, so check back later.

Here are a few pictures of last years obstacles during preparation.  Have you been practicing on the obstacles that were difficult?


The “Can Man”

Pool Noodles

Pool Noodles

Almost finished teeter totter

Almost finished teeter totter

Perhaps the short lengths of hoses are not as "spooky" as anticipated...

Perhaps the short lengths of hoses are not as “spooky” as anticipated…

Upcoming: Annual Trail Challenge Competition

Michelle and Clipper at the 2013 Trail Challenge

Michelle and Clipper at the 2013 Trail Challenge

The cool weather has everyone at Hillside thinking about fall and the fun that comes with it–particularly our annual trail challenge competition which will be held on 26 October 2014.  We have started planning and assembling obstacles already!

We had a great turn out last year and hope for even more people to join in the fun this year!  While we don’t have all of the details ironed out just yet, we have already planned a couple of changes and have decided on some things that we would like to do the same.  The big changes are that we’ll be starting things much earlier in the day and we would like to have at least two judges and two contestants going at the same time, so we can move everyone through in a timely manner–please let us know if you would like to judge!

Hanging out with the geldings: Geolo, Perry and Fiero

Hanging out with the geldings: Geolo, Perry and Fiero

We will continue to make this event fun and family-friendly, even for non-horsey relations. Last year so many people came just to watch the fun and spend time together and with the horses.  We would love to have that atmosphere again this year.

Registration will open in early September and the forms will be available on our Trail Challenge website.  If you have ideas to share or want to volunteer your time and/or resources to our event, please get in touch with PK Theobald.  We want this year to be even better and more fun than last year–please come join us for a wonderful time!

Trail Riding Lessons and Training

Hillside folks have been exploring new trails lately.  Trail riding is a great way to add some variety to both your and your horse’s routines; it is great mental and physical exercise for your horse.  Trail riding is also a great way to condition your horse as it builds his or her stifles, back end muscles, lungs, etc.  Below are some pictures from our recent excursions.

If you want to go trail riding but your horse is spooky and nervous (and maybe you are a little nervous, too), consider putting your horse in training or taking some trail riding lessons yourself–as your confidence grows, so will your horse’s!

Horses for Sale or Lease

We have recently updated our “Horses for Sale/Lease” page.  At Hillside Stables, we do not buy and sell horses regularly, but sometimes school horses are ready for a family of their own, or a rescue horse is rehabilitated and ready to go to a loving home.

We have a wide variety of horses in different sizes, colors, breeds, and temperaments but they all love people.  Please take a look and see who strikes your fancy.

We also have a leasing program if you cannot commit to a horse forever but would like the chance to bond with one.  Leasing is also a great way to try out a particular horse before purchasing him or her.